Tutus and Tiaras Party

Would your special little girl love to be transformed along with her party guests into a magical fairy world?  Does she love all things sparkly and magical?  Imagine her face when 2 fairies arrive to host her Birthday Party!

With a sprinkle of fairy dust, some magic and fun, we take your little girl and her party guests on a journey into a colourful fairy enchanted world where craft and costumes make their imagination come alive!!


The party starts off with craft, where the guests make a magic wand, a magic fairy dust bottle, and a bracelet.  Boy guests make a wooden bead elf instead of a bracelet.

tutus-and-tiaras-party-2          tutus-and-tiaras-party-3

When the craft session finishes, all kids love a glitter tattoo – so everyone can choose their favourite from the selection we bring.

And then it’s time for dress up.  Girls will be transformed into colourful fairies with our beautiful Tutus and Tiaras and matching leotards and fairy wings, and boy guests dress up in Robin Hood style costumes.


tutus-and-tiaras-party-5          tutus-and-tiaras-party-6


When everyone is dressed up and looking magical the party continues…..
First, with a party game or two, and then the party draws to a close with the children all gathering round their fairy hosts on our story time rug for a fairy story complete with hand puppets!


Parents Zone:

Don’t forget, our Tutus and Tiaras party package isn’t just for little girls – we cater for little boy guests too, with their own themed dress-up and craft to perfectly complement our Tutus and Tiaras fairies.

Tutus and Tiaras Party

Includes the following

  • 2 Girlylicious Fairy Hosts
  • Tutus and Tiaras Craft Table and Stools
  • Magic Wand making
  • Bracelet making for girls
  • Woodland Elf making for boys
  • Magic Fairy Dust Bottle making
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Dressing Up Screen
  • Tutus and Tiaras dress up for girls
  • Robin Hood style dress up for boys
  • Storytelling with Hand Puppets
  • Fairy Themed Party Games
  • Fairy Certificate Presentation


Party Facts!

Price: £160 – £240

Duration: Up to 1.5 hours

Number of Guests: Minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 (Birthday Girl + 7 – 11 Guests)

Included in your Party:

  • Tutus and Tiaras Invitations
  • Girlylicious Party Bag containing:
  • Three pieces of craft made during your party!
  • Fairy Certificate
  • Sweets
  • 6″x4″ Photo in wallet mount for the Birthday Girl!